Bio Gas Energy India

Bio Gas Energy India, in good faith we engaged a group who we understood had sufficient experience to undertake the work at New Hope Community Centre several years ago. It started as a great success but we saw after a year that somehow the ‘square design did not really allow free movement of the gas containing dome. A year later we […]

New Hope Ball 2014

This Friday morning all the children sang this song. New Hope Ball 2014, A song for Pete brother. “For Pete is a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow For Pete is a jolly good fellow  and so say all of us And so say all of us, and so say all of at New Hope For he’s […]

Phailin Cyclone India

Never expected the Phailin Cyclone India to be so bad and so prolonged for us to recover! About an hour ago an exhausted looking young guy arrived back from Puri. The town is flooded still and they are trying to get generators for pumping out over the sea bund. No current still. Mr. Patro our senior supervisor is there – […]

HIV Widows

HIV Widows, sometimes through the saddest of circumstances a woman parts with her children because that is the way for her and the children to survive. The two girls came to stay at New Hope Kothavalasa. How their then HIV mother survived is an epic on its own. She eventually came to stay with us and then, being stronger physically and always […]

Elephants at New Hope Muniguda

Elephants at New Hope Muniguda, rorest officials are making frantic efforts to drive away a herd of elephants which sneaked into Muniguda forest range from Phulbani. For the last few days, the herd of 24 elephants has created a panic in the block by destroying crop and damaging houses. According to the forest officials, the herd has divided into two groups. […]

Business of smiles and New Hope India

Business of smiles and New Hope India, nothing prepares you for the New Hope Children’s Village. It is at Kothavalasa in the recesses of Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district. Scruffy roads lead you there through dismal surroundings. There are no signboards, no grand statements, no intimations of any kind of what is in store. A cluster of single-floor structures on 13 acres […]