Festival Everyday

Festival Everyday, May all your days of the year be filled with prosperity and good health to you and your family. Celebrate and share your prosperity with Orphan children, Widows and Aged persons. Give a meal to 90 persons on the special day you wish to Celebrate an occasion – Birthday or someone you wish to Remember. Any Special occasion. You can give […]

Tribals in Odisha India

Tribals in Odisha India, This Project Supported by Friends of Dongria, Japan. Health & Education. Odisha (previously simply called Orissa) is uniquely proud for the tinted spread of ethnic mosaic brought over by the 62 culturally vibrant tribes including 13 primitive tribe groups, who are found sprinkled all over the state. Tribals in Odisha India. Tribals in Odisha India, Kondh Tribes – […]

Vasu Gabriel Passed Away

Vasu Gabriel Passed Away, this young man aged 24 was a right hand in New Hope. All of the photographs in Reports, Newsletters and to sponsors and donors were in the majority done by Vasu. His name alone is a classic; Vasu Reddy Ganga Reddy in our Andhra Pradesh. Vasu came to us through the ‘open door’ policy of New Hope, […]

Christmas New Hope

A small number of the children with us have a distant aunt or an aged grandparent and the Christmas or summer holidays are the few chances the children have to see them. The relatives are all truly poverty line and although they love to see the children it is a financial strain even to have them for a week. We […]

Bike Ride Tour India

Bike Ride Tour India, warm days, cool nights. Lush green crops and trees changing colour and flowering. Birds everywhere. Add on 3 days available for those interested to see lake that is a Reserve and usually a bird watchers dream time. Our January 2014 Bike ride was a great success as you can read and see from pictures attached. The participants […]

Incredible Happening

Mr and Mrs Katagiri of Japan ever came to India, once is incredible when you know they’re history. Destiny we can say. They funded 90% of the new Jeevan Jyothi School and Library encouraging children to learn Japanese. Incredible Happening JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency) supported teacher volunteers, 4 students from almost unbelievable background have passed equivalent 7th class Japanese language at […]