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Organic Tea Bags

Organic Tea Bags, The Organic Tea project came from the simple understanding during the last Bike Ride that Australians like ‘flavoured tea’ (For Indians tea is made with water and no milk, with way to much sugar!). We are always in need of  ‘occupations’ for seniors who are in between making decisions in life. Just because you have completed 5 […]

Homeless Shelter Vizag

In January 2015 Vasu found an old local government building being used by a small Non Government Organisation. Together with a friend from Australia. Pete Towns, visiting from Freelife Church Tasmania. they distributed floor mats to go under mattresses given by the Municipality, they also gave a warm bedsheet. It’s a peculiar situation and one State Government semi NGO gives […]

Festival Everyday

Festival Everyday, May all your days of the year be filled with prosperity and good health to you and your family. Celebrate and share your prosperity with Orphan children, Widows and Aged persons. Give a meal to 90 persons on the special day you wish to Celebrate an occasion – Birthday or someone you wish to Remember. Any Special occasion. You can give […]

Incredible Happening

Mr and Mrs Katagiri of Japan ever came to India, once is incredible when you know they’re history. Destiny we can say. They funded 90% of the new Jeevan Jyothi School and Library encouraging children to learn Japanese. Incredible Happening JICA (Japan International Co-operation Agency) supported teacher volunteers, 4 students from almost unbelievable background have passed equivalent 7th class Japanese language at […]

Bio Gas Energy India

Bio Gas Energy India, in good faith we engaged a group who we understood had sufficient experience to undertake the work at New Hope Community Centre several years ago. It started as a great success but we saw after a year that somehow the ‘square design did not really allow free movement of the gas containing dome. A year later we […]