Child Education Grant

Child Education Grant covers the cost of actual Elementary Education Grants to any child with us. It means access to good quality and safe sports gear, playing field and play areas. It ensures that 2 newspapers are in the school each morning – one English and one regional language. By rotation, students write ‘news reports’ of interesting events they have read […]

Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract Eye Surgery, in 2007 we had Hospital ward space to be able to start and catch up with all the people, who were with Cataract Symptoms. Aged people mostly, Tribal, Poverty line. People who don’t have the money or resources to go anywhere else – except to the one place they all know – New Hope Community Centre  In a […]

Leprosy Patient Care

Leprosy Patient Care, We are still focused on Leprosy even though it appears that the story of leprosy has changed, it has not at many levels, or for too many already deformed and aged affected persons in India. We are still New Hope to many people, orphan children, widows who are HIV positive, aged who are affected by leprosy and too […]

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship, It has always been important and with Education being the greatest gift that we give to our children, I had hoped that child sponsorship would be better than it is. I know it’s easy to be swayed emotionally when you see the big organization’s on TV with their emotive adverts. The thing is, we don’t want to spend […]

Organic Tea Bags

Organic Tea Bags, The Organic Tea project came from the simple understanding during the last Bike Ride that Australians like ‘flavoured tea’ (For Indians tea is made with water and no milk, with way to much sugar!). We are always in need of  ‘occupations’ for seniors who are in between making decisions in life. Just because you have completed 5 […]

Homeless Shelter Vizag

In January 2015 Vasu found an old local government building being used by a small Non Government Organisation. Together with a friend from Australia. Pete Towns, visiting from Freelife Church Tasmania. they distributed floor mats to go under mattresses given by the Municipality, they also gave a warm bedsheet. It’s a peculiar situation and one State Government semi NGO gives […]