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World Women’s Day

World Women’s Day, the women in New Hope Kothavalasa and Muniguda will celebrate World Womens Day 2013. The guest woman in Kothavalasa will be ‘Grandmother Siporamma (mother to Eliazar) – the most senior woman now in our Trust. She spent years ostracized from her family because of leprosy. Demanded that women in Bethany Colony also be allowed into the Non […]

Thanks New Hope Australia

Firstly to thank you all for making it possible for me to visit Australia and spend time learning web site management with Michael Avery. He has given me incredible training to eventually be more self reliant to manage our own websites. Without Michael we would not be where we are with so many contacts and having such a eCommerce website set up. I […]

New Hope Documentary

New Hope Documentary, She was an inspirational woman who has devoted much of her life to helping the sick and poor in India. Maggie Sister OAM is a founder Trustee and Patron of “Friends of Australia and a Trustee of New Hope Trust India”. She lived and worked from the idyllic Broome Western Australia, but her life’s work takes her far […]

New Hope Report 2012

New Hope Report 2012 was a difficult year, In Kothavalasa where we support of 10 children with HIV we saw sadness in the death of three child and at the same time great improvement in the health of other HIV children on anti-retro-viral drugs. New Hope Report 2012, The death sadness is part of the reality of caring for terminally ill. The […]