Thanks New Hope AU

Thanks New Hope AU: Firstly to thank you all for making it possible for me to visit Australia and spend time learning web site management with Michael Avery. He has given me incredible training to eventually be more self reliant to manage our own websites.

Without Michael we would not be where we are with so many contacts and having such a eCommerce website set up. I am still willing to learn and Michael is happy to go on tutoring me and I appreciate this so much.

Thanks New Hope AU

I also visited a very close friends of New Hope through Maggie Sister who now live in Tasmania. I also stayed with Sonia who I think you all know, right in Melbourne.

Thanks New Hope AU: Back in India now and it is 26th January, the 64th Republic Day celebration and we all celebrated at New Hope like thousands of organisations across India today. We added Australia Day to our stage as you also celebrate Australia Day today as well.

Thank you all
Vasu Gabriel

Thanks New Hope AU

Thanks New Hope AU

Thanks New Hope AU

Thanks New Hope AU

About Anil

Director and manager of the New Hope Rural leprosy Trust. In 1985, he and three like minded young Indians founded the New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust to fight Leprosy, poverty, literacy and many other challenges facing the poorest state of Orissa in India. They chose to base New Hope Trust in the state of Orissa in a Tribal area known as the Koroput District.
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  1. Friends of New Hope and Vasu,

    Both my wife and I would like to thank you for the pleasure of having Vasu here for tutoring, It was a big commitment by him and you all. He is a great ambassador for New Hope India and has a certain flare for public speaking!

    We are sure that the tuition and discussions we had will take him on for the next few years and beyond. The introduction to WordPress type websites was a big step for him, it was so joy for us to see the lights come on in his mind. We will continue to teach him all we can over the next few years.

    He did his first overhead projector presentation and speech about New Hope programs here in Bendigo to about 30 friends and family. Some were very touched by his sincerity and ease in which he took on the task.

    Looking forward to see were Vasu can take New Hope websites in the future.

    Michael and Jennifer Avery

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