New Web Site for New Hope India

New Web Site for New Hope India; We have recently upgrade our website and we hope to make it more functional and a better online experience. Please contact us – if ours supporters have any suggestions or photos please to send them to us.

New Web Site for New Hope India

Currently Vasu Gangi-Reddy (New Hope Staff Member) is in Australia gaining some valuable tuition in web design for the New Web Site for New Hope India. Michael Avery long time web designer the New Hope Australia web site is spending 2 weeks with Vasu to help him take over the online media management for all our web sites.

New Web Site for New Hope India

New Web Site for New Hope India

New Web Site for New Hope India

New Web Site for New Hope India

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6 Responses to New Web Site for New Hope India

  1. Congratulations Vasu Gabriel on being such a great student. We are all proud of you. I hope you can do the same for the UK website, as it is a great improvement, and so much more informative with the video.

    love and best wishes
    Elizabeth Aunty

  2. Jennifer Avery says:

    Congratulations Vasu….you have done a wonderful job! Michael tells me you are a very good student and learn quickly!
    It has been a great pleasure to have you with us and to get to know you and learn more about New Hope. You are a fine young man and a great ambassador for New Hope.
    I’m looking forward to visiting you all in India….soon I hope!
    Love and blessings to you all at New Hope 🙂

  3. Pierina Lloyd says:

    It has truly been a privilege to meet you Vasu and to hear of the amazing, loving and dedicated work being accomplished at New Hope India. I am deeply touched by your joyful approach to life, your endurance and your accomplishments. I do wish for you the very best as you continue to work on New Hope India website, and thanks to Michael for passing on to you his knowledge, wisdom and expertise on web design.

    Well done Vasu 🙂

    • administrator says:

      Dear Aunty,

      Thank you for the generous help, and support for the sponsoring a child, We really appreciate this. I will be talking our office in India. We will send you the child bio data, with photograph.
      Thank you once again for your great support, your support is always appreciated.

      Vasu Gabriel

  4. Eliazar says:

    Dear Michael,
    I agree. We are proud of Vasu and many others who have come through, achieved and given back to us – Sponsorship is such a key to this and their success.
    Thanks Michael, regards to Jennifer.

    Ruth and Eliazar

  5. All the best with your new site, Vasu is doing a great job with the site. I am so pleased to have raised a on the ground young man from the orphanage to take the web design for New Hope India.

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