Bike Ride India

Bike Ride India; – to join in a Bike Ride India 2014 & 15
Bike ride of Life time – Bike Ride India.

Bike Ride India; Warm days, cool nights – Lush green crops and trees changing color and flowering. Birds everywhere. Add on 3 days available for those interested to see lake that is a Reserve and usually a bird watchers dream time.

Bike Ride India; Our January 2014 Bike ride was a great success as you can read and see from pictures attached. The participants helped with many odd jobs that needed doing and worked with staff and helped children with arts and crafts, skill sharing and games. The leprosy colony people were beyond words by the visit and received Love Bundles that are always appreciated.

If you are in any where apart from Australia – Click Here

If you are from UK or Switzerland – Click Here

Bike Ride India; Thank you

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